Friday, 28 November 2008

We have come up with a storyline........

We still intend on doing polaroid photos stuck all over the walls and a dark room. but the actuall story is going to be about a man who is absossed about the bible. He is religious and strickly believes in the rules from the 10 comandments, but he never thinks of what he is doing wrong. Its like he thinks hes in charge of every thing and he never does wrong. He goes out on his own to clubs or bars and chats up really drunk women/girls, he only goes for the drunk ones.

He then has a one night stand with them and leaves the next morning. He then stalkes them for a week or two and takes obsessive photos. He interacts with them to get noticed, like bumping into them on the street or asking for directions. If the women react badly to him he will kill them in a more horrible way. He thinks they are trash for sleeping with him, and he has to kill them to make the world a better place.

I imagine a dark room, the lighting is dark with a red tint to it. I see this for the opening sequence. I also imagine a close up shot of just his hand dipping a photograph with tweezers into solution. I also see i line with photos pegged up drip drying. A wall covered in polaroid photos and one of him pinning one up.

When he kills the women he takes photos of them.
I want him to scratch letters into the skin of the victims and each murder will have a different letter and they will eventually spell quotes from the bible.

The will be women voices whispering these quotes softly. in the opening sequence you wont see the quotes just the lettering he scratches so you dont really understand what is going on but you still get the feel its a murder.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A/S Media Opening Sequence Brief

welcome to HD's Blog. I have chosen to work with Joe Rochester, we liked the same style and we both like animation so we have decided to work together. Our Brief is to creat a opening-sequence with titles in it. We looked at other schools blogs for ideas and just really for a example. We looked at the Se7en title sequence in the lesson, and a few more but Se7en really intrigued me. Joe and i have decided to look more into the style of Se7en. As soon as i saw Se7en with the close up shots of the man cutting out the pictures and sewing it into sketchbooks i had images of how i want ours to be. I imagine a dark room, photos hanging and pegged on a line from wall to wall drip drying. photos being dipped into the solution in a tray. I want it to be a murderer obsesed weith the people he stalks and kills. In Se7en the killer was messey, his hands were dirty, wraped up in micopore and bandages were he cuts the tips of his fingers of to get rid of his identity. Well i want mine to be the opposite. very obsesed, clean and OCD.