Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Evaluation - Question 5

How did you attract/address your audience?

I feel the main elements that will attract the audience to my film is the mise en-scene. Its bloody and violent. Its jumpy and very gory. The leed actor is young and i think it attracts a young audience.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Evaluation - Question 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

I target my film to a younger age group. I targeted it to young teenagers-young adults of both gender. I targeted it to people who have a Passion for the genre thriller. My film has allot of blood and guts in it and i think many teenagers will be the main ones wanting to see it. My film is about the dominant side of life. The killer is a man and the women being attacked and brutally killed are venerable and are weaker in this film. Because so i feel it is mainly targeted at men.

Evaluation Qestion 3.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

New Line Cinema- This is the company that Se7en came from, Se7en was the insprtaion to make my film. I chose New Line Cinema because Se7en is very similar to my film.

Evaluation Question 2.

Who is represented in your film and why?

My film is aimed at a younger generation.. teenagers-young adults.

My lead acter Tom Ure is 18 years of age, old enough to kill, thats why i picked him. The usual thriller has a middle aged man who is the killer but i wanted to hav a young cast. I let him wear is noral clothes, he is in only one scene but you get a side veiw of him and a veiw from the back of his head. He looks fresh and young and you wouldnt expect a murders mind in such a young age. In the scene of the murder (close ups of the cutting of neck and wrists) it is female body parts. The wrist is mine and the neck is my mums.. I chose to do this because you have cast women parts because the hole story is about women being th victims. I chose my wrist because its young and fresh, and my mums because he hates women who betray there partner and in the film he lures older women and sleeps with them to catch them out.

Evaluation Question 1.

In what ways does your finished film use/ challange codes and convedntions of opening sequences?

To me the opening title sequence is one of the key parts to a film. Before studying this subject i didn't even know that a title sequence existed, but now when i watch a film i have my eyes and brain set to focus to spot the title sequence.. If the film has a bad title sequence in my opinion it wont be gripping and draw you in further to the film. It wont make you hungry for it and wont wet your apatite. A good title sequence will draw you in with out revealing too much of the story in the film, but will give you a taster of the story that is to follow.

The key codes and conventions to a thriller genre are to do with sound and editing e.g :
-fast pace
-fast cuts
-camera angle changes
-cast.. females always seem to be tho ones that are venerable and seem to be the lead roles in being murdered and the males are always the dominant characters.
-lighting is dimly lit but focuses on the key actors
-low contrast in colours , dark colours, e.g in se7en its dark with allot of shadows, it feels claustrophobic.

In my opening title sequence there is allot of blood, i chose to use allot of blood because it relates to what the audience wants and expects in a thriller film. The audience has there own perspective on a thriller genre i.e has to be fast pace, murder, dark and gloomy, shadows, mirrors and stairs and has to have a venerable woman in it.. I think my opening sequence has fitted the majority of them. At the beginning of my sequence it has all the pictures of women stuck up on the walls of the murderers room, its a dark room painted black so it gives it a claustrophobic feel to it. all the women that are up on the walls are the women that he has stalked and murdered, and the picture he cuts into is the latest victim.

My film is modern with the style of clothes (mise en scene) and has allot of jump cuts in it, this makes the film edgy and the music combined makes your heat pace and its very thrilling...


OK well its been a couple of weeks since i updated on whats happening with my title sequence..

we had a crit the other week and i got some feed back from my film. There was some positive and negative feed back and i took the negative feed back positively and did something about it. The music wasn't finished properly and we just got a piece of music of a website.... but i didn't like it so yesterday i started to make and produce my own piece.. its very dark and creepy, lots of low notes and sustained notes that drag for a couple of seconds... the music is quite edgy.. when i did the first line/tabs of notes and i played it back it really made my hairs stand up.. there are a couple of layers in the music and when i upload it today i will fit in the change of sound to fit my film... meaning raising and lowering the volume..

I also yesterday changed the saturation of the colour through out my film.. that was also another comment from the crit, because my film looked to bright when the thriller genre is quite dark, with shadows, not bright and colourful... but i think that was down to the hd camera i used... It took me a long time to just do that because i was on my own and i didn't know what i was doing... but i asked a friend for help :) and now i know allot more about the software were using and i also know the basics of the music software that i made my music from.. Now i feel a bit more confident and next year if i make it i think i am certainly working on my own...

Yesterday i also added in a new scene... slitting a throat ^^ i no that sounds horrible but i think it quite effective.. makes me go squeamish..

Today this morning i started to complete my music piece but i got kicked out of the mac room because of a class .. so i hope there is time to finish it with out being chucked off again...

Friday, 13 February 2009

These were our original plans and ideas.

As you can see they arnt that different to what we have chosen to do now.. and how film has come out.we decided not to film scenes of actual dead bodies because in my opinion my influence to this project is the film se7en and i want to keep it like they have done.. i mean you never see the dead bodies and you just see hands and books and lots of photographs being cut into and he is wrighting about his kills like a diary..