Wednesday, 14 January 2009

updates on whats been going on these past few weeks

I couldnt get hold of a pollaroid camera because there like becoming extinked no so i use a DSLR camera instead. im planning to cut the photos out smallish size to make it look like it was a polaroid camera. Also i want all the images the same size because our killer is OCD and very absessed anout everything he does. So if the photos in his room on the wall are small and very ordally it wiith give of the feel he is clean and obsessed..

I would like in our opening sequence to have close up shots of him cutting pictures out. and cutting out phrases out of the bible.. I want him to have a sergicle scaple but every time he cuts out new phrases out and new pictures he uses a new blade.

Our killer is a reall OCD Bible reader. He is a christian beleiver and he thinks he has been sent from god to get rid of the sinse and the women that do not respect and are not good enough in Gods eyes
I took some pictures of my freinds at school for this project.. there all women and i asked them to pose dead. I feel a bit fustrated because photographing women is probably one of the hardest subject because they are all really shy.... so we havnt had much luck with getting the numbers we need. but im woring on it :)

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