Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Evaluation Question 2.

Who is represented in your film and why?

My film is aimed at a younger generation.. teenagers-young adults.

My lead acter Tom Ure is 18 years of age, old enough to kill, thats why i picked him. The usual thriller has a middle aged man who is the killer but i wanted to hav a young cast. I let him wear is noral clothes, he is in only one scene but you get a side veiw of him and a veiw from the back of his head. He looks fresh and young and you wouldnt expect a murders mind in such a young age. In the scene of the murder (close ups of the cutting of neck and wrists) it is female body parts. The wrist is mine and the neck is my mums.. I chose to do this because you have cast women parts because the hole story is about women being th victims. I chose my wrist because its young and fresh, and my mums because he hates women who betray there partner and in the film he lures older women and sleeps with them to catch them out.

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