Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Evaluation Question 1.

In what ways does your finished film use/ challange codes and convedntions of opening sequences?

To me the opening title sequence is one of the key parts to a film. Before studying this subject i didn't even know that a title sequence existed, but now when i watch a film i have my eyes and brain set to focus to spot the title sequence.. If the film has a bad title sequence in my opinion it wont be gripping and draw you in further to the film. It wont make you hungry for it and wont wet your apatite. A good title sequence will draw you in with out revealing too much of the story in the film, but will give you a taster of the story that is to follow.

The key codes and conventions to a thriller genre are to do with sound and editing e.g :
-fast pace
-fast cuts
-camera angle changes
-cast.. females always seem to be tho ones that are venerable and seem to be the lead roles in being murdered and the males are always the dominant characters.
-lighting is dimly lit but focuses on the key actors
-low contrast in colours , dark colours, e.g in se7en its dark with allot of shadows, it feels claustrophobic.

In my opening title sequence there is allot of blood, i chose to use allot of blood because it relates to what the audience wants and expects in a thriller film. The audience has there own perspective on a thriller genre i.e has to be fast pace, murder, dark and gloomy, shadows, mirrors and stairs and has to have a venerable woman in it.. I think my opening sequence has fitted the majority of them. At the beginning of my sequence it has all the pictures of women stuck up on the walls of the murderers room, its a dark room painted black so it gives it a claustrophobic feel to it. all the women that are up on the walls are the women that he has stalked and murdered, and the picture he cuts into is the latest victim.

My film is modern with the style of clothes (mise en scene) and has allot of jump cuts in it, this makes the film edgy and the music combined makes your heat pace and its very thrilling...

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